Open quote picMike, everything sounds GREAT! All of the guys have been really enjoying the mixes. You have been so amazing with me and this project; you really understand my music. I am planning other projects and want a "team" in place to help carry these things out. Dude—like it or not—you're a member of the band!"

-James Ingenito, Composer, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, EVI, Keys.


Open quote picYou were instrumental in bringing my vision to life. You're incredibly easy to work with, professional, thorough, affordable, and you went above and beyond to ensure that my song had the dynamics I was looking for. We will be working together again in the near future."

-Matthew Searing, Composer, Singer, Guitarist.


Open quote picThanks for making a coherent album out of our laptop madness; you did a great job. Two other things that impressed me: first, every pain in the ass suggestion you made while I was mixing resulted in a progressively better mix. Second, you made a long list of noises that were bothering you on one track, and every one was a point where I had done some kind of edit but couldn't hear a problem."

-Dan Marx, Guitarist.


Open quote picSince I was still learning the material while recording, my opinion of the final drum tracks was not very positive. Once you got involved mixing and mastering, not only did the overall mixes come alive, but my drum tracks sound like they "belong" to each tune. Any of what I considered mistakes now sound and feel great. I never thought it would sound this good!"

-Jay Fields, Drums, Percussion.


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