voice prompts becoming tty promptsTTY/TDD Prompt Creation

Let Third Wave Audio Services create a complete set of English TTY/TDD prompts, which can be used as a "TTY language" in your IVR, ACD and other automated telephony applications.

Using your existing prompt list, we quickly and inexpensively build a set of audio text messages in TTY/TDD WAV format, compatible with all devices that use the industry standard Baudot protocol.*

We also use standard abbreviations and replace voice-specific references with messages appropriate for the deaf or hard of hearing.

Easy: Just send us an e-mail with...

    • your English prompts in Word or Excel format
    • the desired turnaround time
    • your contact information

We'll send you a price quote, contact you with any questions and return your finished TTY audio files ASAP, usually within 24 hours.

Inexpensive: The TTY/TDD Prompt Creation hourly rate is $200 USD. Final cost will vary depending on number and length of prompts.

*For details, please see the TTY Prompt FAQ section below.


TTY/TDD Prompt Creation FAQ

Please read through the items below and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

What is the turnaround time for TTY prompt creation?

We deliver most completed orders via FTP by 5pm Eastern of the business day after we receive them.

Longer prompt lists, lists with formatting issues and orders that arrive after noon Eastern may take a little longer.

How can I get a free TTY prompt price quote?

Easy: Just send an e-mail requesting a quote. The e-mail should also include...

  • your TTY/TDD prompt listing (with prompt names and prompt text)
  • the desired turnaround time.
  • your contact information

How do I place a TTY prompt order?

Simple: Just send us an e-mail including...

  • your English prompt spec including prompt names and text.
  • the turnaround time you require.
  • your contact information.

We will respond ASAP with any questions, and complete the order as soon as possible.

What are the TTY prompt names?

These are the codes your systems use to access the TTY messages and are usually either descriptive ("welcome_msg.wav", "main_menu.wav") or numerical ( ("00001.wav", "00002.wav", etc.)

The TTY names are usually similar to the English voice prompt names, and the system is configured to access the TTY versions as if they were another language.

What is the TTY prompt text?

This is the English written message that we will convert to TTY/TDD tones (e.g. "Welcome to XYZ Company's Automated Help System.")

How should the TTY prompt list be formatted?

The list should be a plain CSV (Comma Separated Value) text file with one prompt on each line, in the format...

promptname.wav,"Prompt text."

Please make sure that the list follows this format, since excessive re-formatting will take us extra time and may add to the cost and turnaround time of the job.

Each line must contain:

  • promptname.wav,"Hello, this is the prompt text."
  • No spaces in the promptname
  • Double quotes around the prompt text, if the prompt text contains a comma.
  • No line feeds or returns except at the end of each prompt text line.

What file format will I receive?

We build our TTY audio message files using industry standard 45.45 baud asynchronous Baudot protocol, which is compatible with almost all hardware in the United States. Other baud modes are available for an additional fee.

We deliver CCITT U-law WAV files by default, but we can send any file specification you require.

How can I exchange files with Third Wave Audio Services?

You can e-mail documentation and small audio files. Larger files can be sent by...

  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Just ask for private login info to use the Third Wave server at no charge.
  • Online file transfer services such as Dropbox or HIGHTAIL (formerly youSENDit.) E-mail us the link.
  • Fedex, UPS, DHL, USPS to Third Wave Audio Services.

Can Third Wave make TTY prompts in languages other than English?

No, at this time we are only able to create English TTY messages.

What are your TTY Prompt Creation rates?

The hourly rate for TTY/TDD prompt creation is $200 USD. Most orders are completed within two hours, although large orders and prompt list formatting issues may add to the time and cost.

What are your payment terms?

Net 30. We require payment by check within 30 days of order delivery. Checks should be made payable to "Third Wave Audio Services."



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