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Audio Format Analysis & Conversion

Some audio files require special software to play or edit them. The details of their format are not always apparent from the file's name or extension.

Many telecommunications platforms use unique audio formats with specific, non-standard bit depths, sample rates and/or encoding schemes.

At Third Wave Audio Services we have years of experience in analyzing, converting and enhancing "mystery" audio files. We can usually determine the exact format of the files and convert them to whatever format you need.

This is especially useful if you are migrating to another IVR platform. Instead of re-recording your voice prompts from scratch, we can usually convert your existing prompts, at a fraction of the cost of re-recording.

We're sometimes asked to generate multiple formats, for testing or during transition from one system to another.

If your existing audio is inconsistent, noisy or unclear, let us improve it by using techniques from our Voice Prompt Production and Noise Removal and Sonic Enhancement services:

 We can...

• Remove noise, pops and sibilance
• Shape tone to improve intelligibility
• Smooth large volume differences
• Trim leading and trailing silence

Inexpensive: Format Analysis and Conversion are just $50 USD per hour. Most file conversions are done with one hour, although noise removal and enhancement of poor quality audio will occasionally take a little longer.

If you need a price quote, please send a request by e-mail with the services you would like, an audio sample, and the desired turnaround time, and we'll send one back within 24 hours.

Media: We accept digital audio via ftp or file transfer services such as HIGHTAIL (Formerly youSENDit), as well as DAT, DVD, CD, Cassette, MiniDisc, USB flash drive and most memory cards my mail.

Whether for permanent use or just testing during migration, for a small cost we can enhance and convert your existing audio!

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