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Voice Prompt Creation

A company's automated phone system should make a great impression on its callers. The pre-recorded voice prompts they hear should guide them quickly and seamlessly to the information they need, and contribute to a positive caller experience.

Careful editing and enhancement of the original voice recordings are essential for building clear, professional-sounding prompts, especially if the raw recordings were done with a non-professional voice or by recording personnel unfamiliar with the characteristics of the telephony environment.

Using proprietary batch procedures and hand-editing techniques, Third Wave Audio will quickly turn your raw voice recordings into a uniform set of optimized and verified voice prompts, ready to be loaded onto your IVR (Interactive Voice Response), AA (Auto Attendant) or ACD (Automated Call Distribution) systems.

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Noise Removal & Sonic Enhancement

Many recordings are made under less than ideal conditions. Broadband background noise such as air conditioners, fans, hiss, hum and buzz can ruin an otherwise good audio track. Pops and sibilance in speech distract the listener and sound unprofessional.

With the right tools and expertise, these problems can usually be eliminated or dramatically improved.

At Third Wave Audio Services, we have over 30 years of music and speech processing experience. We use a combination of the latest tools and hand-editing to enhance the audio you want to hear—and remove the rest.

We reduce noise and improve intelligibility in speech recordings:

   • Audio surveillance
   • Business Conferences
   • Instructional, Self-help
• Speeches, Lectures
• Phone calls, voicemail
• Podcasts, Webcasts, Webinars

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Audio Format Analysis & Conversion

Some audio files require special software to play or edit them. The details of their format are not always apparent from the file's name or extension.

Many telecommunications platforms use unique audio formats with specific, non-standard bit depths, sample rates and/or encoding schemes.

At Third Wave Audio Services we have years of experience in analyzing, converting and enhancing "mystery" audio files. We can usually determine the exact format of the files and convert them to whatever format you need.

This is especially useful if you are migrating to another IVR platform. Instead of re-recording your voice prompts from scratch, we can usually convert your existing prompts, at a fraction of the cost of re-recording.

We're sometimes asked to generate multiple formats, for testing or during transition from one system to another.

If your existing audio is inconsistent, noisy or unclear, let us improve it by using techniques from our Voice Prompt Production and Noise Removal and Sonic Enhancement services:

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voice prompts becoming tty promptsTTY/TDD Prompt Creation

Let Third Wave Audio Services create a complete set of English TTY/TDD prompts, which can be used as a "TTY language" in your IVR, ACD and other automated telephony applications.

Using your existing prompt list, we quickly and inexpensively build a set of audio text messages in TTY/TDD WAV format, compatible with all devices that use the industry standard Baudot protocol.*

We also use standard abbreviations and replace voice-specific references with messages appropriate for the deaf or hard of hearing.

Easy: Just send us an e-mail with...

    • your English prompts in Word or Excel format
    • the desired turnaround time
    • your contact information

We'll send you a price quote, contact you with any questions and return your finished TTY audio files ASAP, usually within 24 hours.

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