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The mix is a crucial stage in the production of your song, especially if you recorded in a small home or project studio. A good mix will bring dull recordings to life, and enhance what drives the tune. A great mix can even help you compete with today's major label releases.

I designed the Third Wave mix room with the acoustics and tools to make good sonic decisions, to give your mix size, depth and punch—but my focus is always the music. With a background as a drummer and guitarist, I approach each mix as a musician, and aim to get at the heart of the song, in whatever the musical genre.

One client said he thinks of me as a member of the band; I can't think of a higher compliment. I enjoy almost all kinds of music, and I love helping the artist achieve their sound.

How: Just E-mail or call to discuss the project and your schedule. If we both feel that I'm right for you and your music, you can send me a link to your tracks using services such as Dropbox or HIGHTAIL (formerly youSENDit), or ask for a private login to my ftp server.

I'll review your tracks, contact you to make sure I know what you're after, then I'll mix. Each song takes 1 or 2 days, and I'll keep in touch as I go.

How much: Mix rates are a flat fee per song (payable by credit card or PayPal), which varies a little with each project. My clients will tell you that I spend the time and energy to make your music the best it can be, but I know that money is sometimes tight, so I'll try to work with you if you're on a budget.

There are NO extra charges for hours worked, song length, number of tracks, song revisions, minor fixes, different formats, etc.


  • minor tuning & timing fixes
  • a high resolution final mix
  • a high quality MP3 version
  • all mix revisions

I run Third Wave Audio with a simple, honest business philosophy that's focused on your music, not on work hours, song minutes and the track count...

And I won't stop mixing until you love it.


See also: the Mix FAQ page and Mix Examples.

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